Week 9

We are enriched by our diversity

Teachers as well as students have their own learning styles, thus these are the styles that they are most comfortable with, the style that they understand most. 

However, teachers also encounter a vast number of students with various learning styles and many of them will probably have different learning styles than their teacher. Is this a problem or a blessing? Being a teacher means that you are open and interested in learning, therefore this is a perfect opportunity to get to know the other types of people better. In getting to know how others learn best, we learn ourselves and expand our knowledge, understanding and expertise. Thus learning about others is truly beneficial.

I myself am a strong visual learner, however I sometimes notice that rhythm and the sound of a language/word is helpful in learning as well. Nevertheless, the latter is hardly my favourite and most helpful learning style. In spite of this, when I try to apply this learning style, I see that it helps my students and I become more literate in it, learning new ways how to apply it and how to differentiate it to various activities and exercises. 

Probably what I am trying to say is that submerging yourself into unknown situations or inexperienced learning modes may be not only valuable to the students we teach, but also it develops and expands our own personality and experience. Being a teacher provides you with countless opportunities to grow and develop. Let us keep our eyes and hearts open.


  1. Hi Lina

    I totally agree with you that sometimes we find ourselves with the question that is this a problem or a blessing? Again, I go along with you when you say that thanks to our students learning styles, we LEARN because we need to be open to differnt people and different learning styles. The teaching job is a never ending process, and even if we try really hard and we have learned a lot, there are lots of things to learn from students.



  2. Dear Lina,

    Your blog is great to read. It gives something to think about our own teaching and learning process. I like the fact that you said, learning about others can be beneficial for teachers. In fact, I learn from my students every day and this make me more interested in them. I think that's why we all are here. Learning to help others learn better.

    Best wishes,
    Zun Phyu

  3. Dear Katya and Zun Phyu,

    I am glad to see that you share the same feelings and joy in the process of learning and teaching :)
    It is such a joy to share similar experiences.


  4. Hi Lina, Reading your post, I realized about my own learning style what were the activities I liked the most while I leaned English? Well I think I need to reflect more about this to understand my students in a better way, and chose the appropriate activities for them. Sometimes as teachers we need to expand even more our knowledge. It is a daily work. Now we know that not all students learn in the same way, we have the key to guide the learning process in a more effective way.

    Best regards


  5. Hi Lina,
    Loved the graphic, picture(?) that shows all the learning styles :)
    Indeed it has been a wonderful journey in this course!