Week 10

 Useful tools

This course was so much more than I'd expected - practical, challenging, interactive, versatile, applicable, thought provoking...

I'll try to overlook just some of them which I liked a lot.

My favourites:

 a great interactive tool, engaging the whole class - tried it, loved it! So much creativity and versatile applications could be employed through this tool.

My class also tried wikispaces very useful. Though it took time for them to learn their usage, they are eager to continue using it. 

Next on my list is as it seems to be a very useful for cognitive thinking, however, I need more time to develop some topics fully. I am convinced that if I put a serious effort in developing a good tool, the students will have a splendid learning experience. 

QuandaryAnother thing which continues to excite my imagination is. This tool will be extremely practical in my class. I just have to read through it myself and pick the best mazes for my students. It is perfect, as it could be applied either individually or in groups (even having one computer in a class). It would expand their reading skills as well as cognitive ones. I am confident that it's a great tool.

RubiStarI was thinking that it is a great idea to include students in their own evaluation. RubyStar gives a perfect opportunity to plan together with the students. I should definitely try it out with them.

I have realized that there are audio chats -- a perfect learning tool for the ones who are afraid to talk in class. 

And these are only some of the tools we have learned about in this course of 10 weeks. I will need  time to think over how to apply them in my class so that they would bring the best results. 

It is so great when there is such a vast variety to choose from. It provides the possibility to pick the tool most appropriate for the needs of each class. 

And my final message goes to you, my dear classmates -- it was a pleasure and an enriching experience to work and study with you. Best luck in your works, studies and endeavours. 

sincerely yours,


  1. Hi Lina

    I totally agree with you, this course has taught us so much that I am thrilled with all the things I was missing. It was a real pleasure to share moments with all of you



  2. Hi Lina,

    Thank you for sharing with us some tools that you have liked to use during the course. I agree with you those tools are very useful because make our every class we teach more interactive and collaborative.

    Wish you all the best in your life and career.