Week 3

New Ideas

This week has been full of thought and ideas:

This website has been such an incredible experience and such a help in my class, that I could not be silent -- I've already started implementing it and spreading word about it. It is unbelievable how seemingly simple things can be so handy. The ability to start the whole class at once with all of the students starting on their tasks at the same time.... awwwhh... such a relief and joy... computer lab -- here we come...! :)

This is another website which expanded my world on education. Actually the idea of having a class forum, where the students are able to speak, listen to themselves and their peers... What an enchanting idea... This tool could be applied in virtually any classroom on any topic. I am even planning to include it as part of learning experience for a new school year to most of the classes.

"Stealing ideas... :)" I've been taught by one of my supervising teachers once (while still doing practicum) that it is legal to steal classroom ideas :). By "stealing"I mean, once you notice something good implemented in a classroom, you can learn this and try to apply it in your classroom too. 
You may wonder what have I "stolen" -- well while reading the last week's comments on our nicenet forum, I've noticed Janine recommending a wiki for peer reviews. I've recently implemented this exercise of a peer review and while reading sample final project reports I realized that it could be a perfect solution to put it on a wiki for my final project. 
However, I have done only a small research on it and am still not quite sure how to use it... Yet I am determined to make writing process less painful and more enjoyable to my students -- thus, I am certain I am going to master it ;).

Wishing you all creativity and unending energy in your classes and life.


  1. Lina :

    Wow! I finally ended up reading everything you wrote here ! It seems you are a very creative teacher and that you enjoy trying new things for your kids. Good ! I am sure you are going to master your skills on the wiki. If you want something and you really have the desire to do it, you have given a big step.
    Will you tell us about the videos ? I can share what I do with them in class, too.

    Best regards,

    1. Dear Denise,

      thank you for your encouragements, I do try not to grow up too quickly ;) -- I think being a teacher is one of the most creative jobs one can ever get :)

      as about my video lessons, I've placed them on this website on the page named CALL-- my ideas (just after pg Week 3 -- at the very top of the page). I've used National Geographic page. As you've told me that you work with small kids, you can use their website designed esp. for kids http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/player/kids/ .
      Hopefully this is of some help to you. Please write if you still have got any questions -- it's a pleasure to share ideas :).