Week 4

What will you remember ?

I think that the most what students remember about their teachers and classes are things they have learnt and how they have been taught (which might include teacher personality as well as different learning methodology).

Being a teacher means being unending resource of all types of ideas, applications and knowledge. Thus it is so helpful to learn all kinds of resources online, which not only give various exercises, but much more - even lesson plans. 

Examine character traits through character mappingLesson plans online help you to innovate your mode of teaching, have a new and fresh perspective. It is almost as watching your colleague teach and learning from him/her the best they have to give. I liked this page with IT lesson plans.

I have noticed myself that a careful planning is worth while. It does take time, but it is so rewarding. No plan, means little success and a chaos in one's teaching environment.
Thus planning enables you to achieve the goals you want. If you know where you want to go, if you know how you will go there -- there is a great possibility you will get to your destination point.
Then it is easier to improvise, change, adapt, as you already know how and what results to achieve.


  1. Hi Lina :
    That is true. We need to have a clear idea of the objectives of our class. We need to be preapared for what we re going to do, and have an additional activity ready or improvise when things are not working as we had thought. The time we spend on that, gives good outcomes at the end. Besides,children always realize when teachers are prepared for their classes or not. There is a lot we can give them, and a lot we can get from them, too.

    Best regards.

    1. That is always a challenge, that is to be well prepared :), especially when one has a lot of work, lots of classes and so on.... Sometimes I wish I were a better teacher... had fever classes..... but this is for sometime somewhere in the future ... as a great maybe :)

  2. hi Lina
    I totally agree with you that lesson plans are necessary so that we can adapt and improve them, but I also believe that planning does not have to be a long and tiring activity. I mean we do not have to get a piece of paper and write every little detail. By the way, have you tried lesson plans on post it notes??????

    best regards