Week 6

Large classess?

when I first started my work as a teacher while still studying at a university, I taught small classes and had individual students. I liked it a lot, of course, as any type of teaching is a lot of fun to me. However, what I longed for was a large class. Sounds crazy? But, wait -- just ask yourself -- is it fun to sing with 6 or 8 people, how much fun with the whole class of 20 or something :), is it fun to play games and be divided into various groups -- so much more in a large group of people! -- That's why I was so excited when I started working in a secondary school. Classroom space was too small for me - I would occupy school corridors :)

And now, when several years have passed by I still find big classess charming in some aspects. Of course -- they are not really big -- as university style, where one has 100 or 200 students in one auditorium. However, when one has 20 students in a language class, where each of them has to be noticed, taught pronunciation, grammar, writing, listening skills.... it becomes overwhelming sometimes... However, it is the best place for interaction, fun and creativity, if one has time to prepare and work with them (yet with the current workload of a teacher in Lithuania having enough time is not an option...).

And yet there are great tips that can help the hectic teacher. I loved how interactivity is intertwined into a classroom work. Having multimedia work for you (of course, after you have spent a significant time by it yourself ;)) in a class is a great way of engaging students in a meaningful way. The new ideas that I liked and read about -- were crating a poll of students opinions online. Or creating questions for a class to engage them.... and loads of other fun things to do in a class. It I'd say revived my enthusiasm, which was going away a little bit already :) And suddenly a bigger class is a fun way to experiment and teach again ;)


  1. HI Lina :

    Group work activities are, certainly, much more
    interesting in a large class,but wow! having
    100 students in the same class, that must really be a challenge. At the university,I have had 40 students at the most! and even so, I sometimes can hardly find time to match the school and university duties of the day. Tech appliances in the classroom can really serve as learning tools- If this course has motivated you, as you say, then you have half-way walked.
    I believe so ;you already sound like an engaged and motivated teacher, anyway.

    Best regards

  2. Wow! Your stories on large classrooms amazed me. I had a large classroom of 40 13 year old students and it was a nightmare! I do not know how teachers do it. I could perceive that the teachers that could handle this number were very old fashion way of teaching, no group work and creativity into action. It was all drills.

  3. Hi

    I also think that 20 students class is not really large class but we usually have limited time of about 40 to 50 minutes of teaching every day, so it's not enough time for to spend with each student. Technology can help and save time.

    Thank you for the recommended links.