Week 7

Week 7? Seriously?

The time has flown so quickly.... 

Readings, creating lessons and most of all trying to implement the changes in the classroom.... 

learner autonomy has been and issue for a long time in Lithuania already probably the same as the autonomy of our country. Together with the country the students suddenly got lots of rights and the teachers got lost. Now sometimes it is really difficult to control a classroom and the students are viewed a kings and queens, where the teacher is not only a servant but also the recipient of all their insults and dissatisfaction. Yet, this kind of action freedom does not make a learner autonomous. Giving the right to do whatever child wishes in a classroom does not exercise his metacognitive abilities to self monitor his or her language study progress.  We have started on the wrong foot probably. Instead of allowing a total action and behavioural freedom, where a teacher is powerless observer of a chaos, we should have directed our learners towards freedom in their choice of study styles. We should have freed them to experiment in language learning options, should have given them directions and guidance as to how become a better language learner.... Yet, these are the issues that we have become aware in recent years only... as the problem is too big not to be noticed any more...

Changes in the classroom:
I have been learning probably as much as my students, exploring various possibilities and aspects of internet technologies. I have had much fun and also some disappointments as not all of my desired outcomes were achieved. However, as a teacher I've been taught by life and my experience that people don't learn overnight. It takes time to form good habits and even more time for the students to start exercising these habits without the teacher monitoring them closely. It takes time..... Therefore, I am glad with the results, I am excited about the changes, and I am so ever hopeful about the future -- as it is the work of the teacher isn't it?  -- to ever hope and never cease... 


  1. Hi Lina :

    I also believe that it is frustrating when students seem to confuse the term "autonomy " with " I do what I want " and do not take it seriously. I really believe that, before applying any changes, we must , as surely you do too, always include "values" in our topic. The value of mutual respect, for instance, is essential so that real learning takes place. I always tell students that many things are changing daily, especially in relation to technology, but values never change, because they support our lives. So, they always involve any learning process and, in fact, anything we do. We are always saying so, and, as you say, we will keep on because that is one of our duties : make students really listen to us and rely on what we are saying. I hope you have a nice week in our course, which is running towards its end, but leaving us a tremendous experience.

    Best regards

    1. Dear Denise,

      you have made a truly priceless insight about the values. I liked it a lot. I do agree that teaching the true values are vital in their education. However, it is also necessary for them to see how these values work in their environment... I do hope that people they are surrounded by can portray the importance of the true things that last.
      wishing you a wonderful week as well,

  2. Hi Lina,
    I just like every word of your observation about the changes in the classroom. You are so right when you say that we are learning probably as much as our students and further more I want to say that I totally relate to you when you say how one experiences disappointment when our desired outcomes are not achieved. I certainly hope and wish for all of us, that by applying the knowledge from this week about learner autonomy and about one computer lessons, and from this course in general, such disappointments will forever vanish and we will learn to "thrive, not just survive" in our classrooms.

    1. Yes, I do hope we will learn to thrive in our classrooms :)